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  1. Thanks for the quick response Doc. When I installed FSD rev775 I had to reduce my horizontal and vertical resolutions in order to see the entire screen, if I reduce it anymore I will see black edges. So both of your suggestions have been done. I will check everything again later and see if I missed something.
  2. When you start a game, you can see TID/MID game by pressing the center button on your xbox controller and the information will appear at the bottom of the screen. Doc I just get the top portion of that window, where I can barely see the text. I tried changing the resolution in the fsd settings and that didn't help either. Can someone confirm its not just my setup?
  3. First off all by far the best Skin i've ever seen, so outstanding work Doc!!! I only have one question. Is there a way to display the title ID? When I select a game to play and push the home button the game media information shows up at the bottom of the screen, however only the top portion is visible. Thanks for all of your hard work!!
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