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  1. People that don't want to "mess" with their xbox by upgrading their TU in 2 clics will understand how 37 different rooms with TU1, NoTU, TU2, TU3 and all coming TUs work ? I'm sorry but everyone upgrading their TU is infinitely more simple than your soluton. Regarding the cheating, I'm a casual gamer, but when I play I don't really enjoy having a couple morons who are disturbing everyone who's trying to enjoy an online moment together by cheating and manipulating the game in their favor just so they can take a lol or because they're terrible players and can't play without it. If the modded lobby is announced I don't care, they do what they want in there, but in regular gaming rooms they have absolutely no place whatsoever. I for example, just hosted a modded lobby in BO2 TU3 with infinite ammo, first one in zombies with god mode, infinite ammo and $100k each. The second one in MP mode with just infinite ammo, I removed custom classes and all explosives in regular classes (if not it would've been unplayable since everyone would be only throwing grenades and rockets). It was fun to test, but I clearly announced it, I made a new profile named "MOD inf ammoTU3" to host the modded lobby, so people would know that it was a mod/cheating lobby. If some basic respect rules are made and followed, I really don't care that there's cheaters on LiNK, I for myself could join them once in a while for the fun, but since it's not regulated we have to regulate it ourselves using common sense and respect.
  2. nope, I've done the same and it's all good, just sometimes when I go back to fsd from the guide it says fatal crash intercepted and fsd comes up with default skin, if I reboot the console illume comes back.
  3. skaazi

    NAT Strict?

    I used to have the same problem as stated from some members, I opened ports and even put xbox IP in dmz but nothing ever worked, in fact the problem was only my sh*tty router (ZonHub from portuguese ISP Zon), the firmware of this router is just bad, and they should feel bad to purpose the customers such a device, but in fact they do seem kind of happy with it since they ignore all clients requests about it. I had to enter in the router's config page with some dark corner username to be able to bridge the 4th LAN port, so the 4th LAN port would act just like a modem and not a router and transmit the internet without all the crap they put in the firmware interfiering with it, since I managed to do that it's all good and been playing in all the games I found with no problem. Check out with your ISP's router if you can do the same, if they are like Zon, don't even bother calling them, you'll have to search and search the net by yourself to find something useful, don't expect them to help you in any way.
  4. I understand it can be frustrating, I took 3 days to be able to play for the first time, only thing I wanted to do was smash the router with the xbox, so I know that feeling It's just that we have to keep in mind that it's first stage and of course it will not be perfect right now. For example lots of times when I try to change room the hud gets all blank lines, and if I try to move the cursor up or down the console freezes and then restarts, kinda frustrating. When it happens I have to get out of the hud and reopen it and return to system link to enter a different room, sometimes it does it with every room and I have to restart fsd and go back to the game to have it working again. It's frustrating, but it's beta and I already saw people stating that bug, so I guess they already know it and all I have to do is hope they'll fix it.
  5. To be sure to get best results, first disconnect from your router in wifi side and remove any ethernet cable in the LAN port.Then in the network cards section create a bridge in both cards, select both cards (LAN+Wireless) and do a right click > create bridge. Once the bridge created, reconnect to the router through wifi. That way the computer will emulate a hub and both cards will have direct access to router through the wifi, that way the x360 will have an IP assigned by the router and you will be able to configure ports or dmz for the console only.
  6. People, it's so easy to always have the last TU with fsd, why bother having different rooms for each TU then ? In games sections, when you're gonna launch the game, instead of pushing A button to launch the game, push Y button to have the options, go to "Manage Title Updates" and push Y button to download all TUs, in a matter of seconds you'll have the last TU installed an active and you can join all the games. With this easy function available in fsd I don't understand why there's people trying to play with older TUs, the only reason would be to be able to cheat using older TU flaws, so there's another reason to not letting you join our games.
  7. Well,1st, it's free, they make it in their own free time and give it to us without expecting something in return. 2nd, it's the first release and it's beta, so there's some stuff to work around, which they are probably doing, and it's us who tell them (politely) what's wrong so they can fix it. 3rd, in it's first release it already totally kicks xbslink & Xlink asses (which are also 2 great stuff, made by nice people on their available time for free), so it could stay that way and never update that it's already awesome. Conclusion, no need to caps lock and act all upset, simply explain your situation in the most clear way possible and just hope they'll fix it. @admins, I know you must be bombarded with problems, suggestions and bug related situations, so if you just made a "troubleshooting", "bug report" and "suggestions" sections on the forum it would be easier for all of us to make this clearer. The ones who got this to work could help those who can't in troubleshooting section so you wouldn't even bother any more with that part for example.
  8. Message to admins at link.jqe360.com : It would be very nice if you could make Game Mode Rooms in BO2. A room for Free for All, a room for TDM, a room for Demolition, etc... Like you already made for Zombies which is great for meeting only people who want to play Zombies, it could be the same for the other game modes, and that would be great. We could always keep Public Rooms for people willing to play random modes of course. In my opinion it's the last step to make it the closest possible to perfection, beside that it kicks asses. Thank you.
  9. skaazi

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    Holy cow, it's soon ! Date's in lunar calendar, right ?Don't think I'll be able to handle myself waiting for that date, I might try to eat an apple see if I don't have a nerve breakdown but can't promise. On a bit more, no really more, serious level, how does your beta work ? You already have the needed folks to do the tests or are you gonna make some kind of anouncement and then the first ones to apply will be on the tests, or is it some kind of sexual favor ? Just fyi, I can do it if needed. In the mean time, you guys rock, a jtagged/rgh x360 wouldn't be the same without you and every time you make something it just increases its value, someday we might get to the fabulous world we had with the xbox1, and in great part thx to you. Respect to all of you at RMS !
  10. skaazi

    TeamFSD Presents LiNK

    Count me in for beta testing !
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