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  1. I did just that, updated dash with J Runner to 16547, dashlaunch 3.11 works fine. Thanks
  2. by update entire console, do you mean update dash to 16547?
  3. Hi, I am trying to install dashlaunch 3.11 on a JTAG console with dash 12625. I have F3 rev 775 on my console already. this is what I did (trying to do) - - unzip dashlaunch 3.11 on a USB - Using xexmenu (live, copied as demo) - copied the whole dashlaunch folder onto Hdd1 - run default.xex on installer folder here is what I get - dash launch asks to install, I press A when install button is highlighted - It goes in dashlaunch (may be once every 2-3 times, it just feezes on the install screen, I need to powercyle then) - now I cannot expand any menu with A What am I doing wrong here ? TIA
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