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  1. OK, I assume that the tu file that f3 copies to the correct location (either cache or titleid/0000b000) and it remains there on exiting the game. So if I check the cache or titled/0000b000 folder it should still be present, or does f3 purge the cache folder on restart. I couldn't find any when I checked. Makes sense on the batch downloading, tho I would think that the tu files would only need to be downloaded once.
  2. So I have just installed this (since I had to upgrade my JTAG for H4 and don't like the way the new M$ dash displays games) and I have everything set up great, even descriptions and screenshots for my homebrew/emulators. But I have a couple of questions/suggestions: 1. How exactly are Title Updates handle, I can download them for each individual game, and they get saved in F3's title update folder but should they get copied to the Cache (or TitleID/0000B000) folder, when the game launches, or does launching it from F3 mean that doesn't need to happen and wont this cause issues if I launch the games from nxemini tabs (they are in GOD containers)? I have FTPed into my cache folder after launching games that have title updates downloaded in F3 and they dont show up there. Does anyone know of any way to check in a game (maybe ver. #) to see if title updates are loading correctly. 2. Unchecking the "show screenshots" option in settings just means that the 4 tab/page on the standard freestyle game view (not full 3d coverflow) still shows but now I just get to grey boxes that say missing screenshot. Is there anyway to change it so that this option means that entire 4th tab/page isn't there. I get a delay loading screenshots when scrolling and the missing screenshot box will flash up for a second, since I don't really use the feature it would be nice to have the option to never see them. 3. I second, or third, or whatever it is to be able to turn off kinect support (or at least gestures) to navigate, since with the kids running in front of the TV it can confuse things. 4. Again about Title Updates, I assume when the X is in green on the icon next to a particular update it means its set to active, what happens if I have 2 (or more set as active) does it just load the one with the higher revision number? 5. Another request, would it be able to have a batch option to at least download title updates for all games, rather than doing it through each games title management option (maybe even set the default location for it to be store, i.e. HDD or IntMem). Anyway please keep up the great work, this is an excellent replacement dash.
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