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  1. Thans for the tips! Not sure how to do that is that 4G actually something you can yank out? I do plan on buying an internal HDD so FSD may work slightly better...
  2. awesome! hopefully this one can show my RGH2 corona system information and CPU key...
  3. Dude I have exactly the same problem, 4G slim, external HDD for games, games load fine with xexmenu but won't work on F3, what's worse, each game shows up twice on the dashboard! Is there no one who can help please?
  4. Hi guys great job! But I did encountered some issues: mine is a RGH2 slim ver with 4G flash and I've installed dash launch 3.3 then f3. All was good but when it comes to scanning the games I get the same title shown up twice - my guess is cos games on the external USB drive was copied from a Mac and it has stupid meta files for each .xex file, for instance, a default.xex will have a ._default.xex. But I'm not sure if this is the case. Also, when i tried to run the game, each and everyone gives me unable to run, pls redownload error, but i can run them perfectly from xexmenu, is this normal? Thanks again and hope you can help with this.
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