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  1. got it all fixed cleaning HELPS no more xml error got in lobby GREAT YAY
  2. i disabled smartscreenfilter and see some info about box comming hope that fixed it
  3. ive been told 2 turn the kinect bar 2 the wall .....lol thats the only helpfull thing now
  4. sup guys im getting port 3073 pass udp and fail tcp port 307pass udp and pass tcp JQE = also pass then i got webgui amd get 2 see this -->Error getting GameXML: 404 Not Found then i go 2 link and still no connection weiird anybody else having the same prob ?
  5. cant wait 2 link from nl yay best thing ever
  6. k guys lol i will just turn my kinect then
  7. hi guys i found something annoying and that is usage of kinect cos everytime im busy with controller and someone walks hru kinect sensor it switches and i have been searching for it but cant seem 2 find it so wanna ask if there is a option 2 diable kinect support on FSD ?
  8. YAY multiplaytime I THINK ITS TIME TO LINK
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