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  1. I talk arabic of course. The room I'm in is protected with a password and only few people know the password. We created the lobby and only us know the password and we're also from same country.
  2. But I also see some players have headset icon near their names!
  3. I am able to play but the problem is my headset isn't working online but I can use it on Guitar Hero as Vocals! So it works. I guess maybe something wrong in the dashlunch settings?
  4. Hi all, I don't have any problem with my FSD or LiNK but the problem is I can hear players through my controller headset... Did I do something wrong in dashlunch settings?! PS I am able to connect to LiNK and play Ghosts, BO2 etc.
  5. Can you show me how to do it? I'm newbie in JTAG world lol
  6. Hey guys actually I don't have any problems with my Freestyle but what I need is how to add games covers manually to games library in Freestyle... Somehow I cannot connect to the internet for two reasons, first is I'm scared of to get banned and second is I don't have a router LOL so please help me guys... Pictures or Video is highly recommended.
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