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  1. I couldn't find where to change covers manually. (
  2. Okay, thanks I'll try it right now. cheers mate.
  3. Hi guys, Is there any way to transfer covers to replace the exist cover in freestyle via FTP? I'd like to use a cover for GTA V, DarkSiders II, Assassin's Creed Black Flag that aren't on http://covers.jqe360.com If you give me the transfer path or the program to use for this thing would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I meant playing without activating any TU.
  5. Hiya Freestylers Me and my friends been playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 almost daily on System Link. But all of the sudden one day most of them couldn't find any server while we are playing already on a server. PS: we create the room with Password so they can't be mistaken in the room. If anyone have solution please post.
  6. Tbh I opened ports in router but it won't say pass in FSD. I contacted my internet service and they said they blocked the ports option but it doesn't matter at all. So yeah I am able to join people's games.
  7. Hi guys, I have opened ports in my router and everything passed... I can join a game tho but when I create a new game, nobody joins and the time just finish and game finish too is there's something I can do with it in Freestyle? Because the same happens in Black Ops 2
  8. It only happens in these 2 games bro. Does it means I have to install the other disc of the game since those games don't have DLC like Battlefield 4 or GTA 5?
  9. Man I don't have a blank 9gb dvd plus I don't know how to do it. I just download them and make them xex mostly.
  10. Okay so I did it as GoD, its still just the same problems fellas. This thing is killing me already :-< the guys who's sharing this xbox with me usually play Black Flag or Creed III
  11. Okay then, I'll make it GoD and let you know. Btw, I have scan depth on 6 is that wrong? Because I've seen somewhere here someone's saying its better do it 6 because of 2 disc games.
  12. Forgot to mention. This problem never happened in older versions in AC 3 I just found out today its just like Black Flag with this version of FSD. I can make it GOD but why am I running Freestyle tho? Of course because its easier than NXE Dash and better.
  13. Look man I know how to extract ISO to XeX and I've done that so many times for different games. I only have the problem with Assassin's Creed III and IV Black Flag. All the other games are working nice and smooth like Ghosts, Battlefield 4, GTA V
  14. DaRk_ChaoS69


    I suggest you guys should remove the FSD plugin in the next version of FreeStyle Dash because we can't play Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Assassin's Creed III without unload the FSD... I dunno what's the point of it but I was able to play on LiNK after unloading it!
  15. Okay it worked I just kept it in the 0000000000000000 but renamed it in Freestyle file manager and scanned for games.
  16. Dude you're magic! But it still shows 2 Max Payne 3 in Xbox 360 games in FreeStyle.
  17. DaRk_ChaoS69

    Max Payne 3

    Hi guys I copied Max Payne 3 off my flash to my xbox internal hard drive. It showed Max Payne 3 Disc 1 and Max Payne 3 Disc 2 in My Games in Freestyle. When I run Max Payne 3 Disc 1, it says some files are missing and it quits. When I run Max Payne 3 Disc 2, it says insert Disc 1 and quits. Did I do something wrong. I copied them to HDD1:/Content/0000000000000000/Max Payne Disc 1 and HDD1:/Content/0000000000000000/Max Payne Disc 2 please help guys and I appreciate it!
  18. I guess teaching them how to unload fsd plugin is easier because my 0000000000000000 is messed up with xex games and other games before I installed freestyle. There is like 1000 folders into my 0000000000000000
  19. My Xbox 360 is a shared console I mean we are 3 guys using it and they don't know how to use stuff like XeXMenu, playing on System LiNK, moving games on flash drive etc.
  20. Actually its FSD plugin not f3d plugin......... And I'm using internal hard drive so can you explain more please?
  21. Well I downloaded 2 different versions of Black Flag and the same happened. It only happens when I play Black Flag. So you mean I disable dashlunch which means my xbox will boot with its original system?
  22. DaRk_ChaoS69

    F3D Plugin

    Is there's anyway to keep F3D Plugin unloaded so I can play Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag without freezing the console and to not unload it every time I want to play Black Flag?
  23. Okay I figuried it lol mic was off.
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