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  1. Hello forum, I recently installed Aurora on my Falcon from 2008 using RGH3. I encountered a few problems after everything was set up, Aurora seems to freeze here and there. When I try to read my discs using the "AuroraDisc2God" script it happened a few times, that the xbox froze (different discs, always at different percentages). At first, I thought it was a disc problem, but recently Aurora froze even when idling in the game selection front screen. The animation just stops and I have to press the button to turn off/restart the console. Second thought was, it could be a temperature Problem but directly after a freeze and reboot I checked the temps, looks good to me: CPU 50°C, GPU <70°C, RAM <80°C, Case <35°C.... (I use the original fans and no heat sinks/paste have been added/replaced) Can someone give advice? If you need details, just ask. FYI, I used Dash Launch 3.21 and xexMenu 1.1/1.2 and latest JRunner w/Extras 3.3.0r3. Thanks!
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