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  1. I have a question regarding where do games that have been moved to Content Location "Other" go? Unlike tabs like Xbox 360, or XBLA, or Xbox Classic, or Homebrew, or Emulators, there is no tab named "Other." I had a game that was automatically placed in "Hidden Games" by FSD 3 the other day (as many have experienced) and I tried to move it from "Hidden" back into "Xbox Classic" or "XBLA" using the HTTP interface (and then move it back into the Xbox 360 Games tab on the Xbox 360 using the game controller once I can see the game on the Xbox 360 in the "Xbox Classic" or "XBLA" tab) but the game did not successfully move (it will also not move back into the Xbox 360 tab of course). I tried all the items in the drop-down menu and finally, the game got moved to "Other" (last item in the drop-down menu) as I no longer see it under "Hidden Games." However, how do I access games that have been placed into "Other" on the Xbox 360? This trick saved me before when games got automatically placed in "Hidden Games" by FSD 3 during the process of manually updating covers and banners (and I was able to successfully move the game out of "Hidden Games" into one of the other tabs using the HTTP interface), however, I could not figure out a way to access "Other" as there is no tab in the Library named "Other." This appears to be an "orphaned pointer" problem where the pointer (or forwarder for the game in this case) simply disappeared in a way that does not permit access. If there is a tab named "Other" in the library, I am sure I would see the game there on the Xbox 360! Any ideas? I suppose I could always rename the game folder using FTP and let FSD rescan and create the pointer to the game again under the Xbox 360 Games tab. Thanks in advance!
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