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  1. Tried it and still says the same thing. when disc 2 was launced and i choose single polayer it says "Change Disc. Please Insert Single Player Disc." When i had disc 1 installed when booted and chose single player its says "Change Disc. Please Insert Multi Player Disc" Don't know whats going on with this game.
  2. cool i will try that. I have already installed the hd conent when i first loaded up disc 1. I will delete d1 from my external and re test.Thanks
  3. Hi, i am am having a bit of problems with the FS3 multi discs. I have been trying to boot moh and each time i boot the game through fs3 i get prompted to insert either multiplayer disc or single player disc depending on which disc i boot. My Multi disc are set up in a format like below and both games show in fs3 but multidisc swap does not work for me. Game/Game Name Disc 1 Game/Game Name Disc 2 Am i missing something on how the multi discs actually works, should i be doing something when prompted to insert other disc? Any help will be appreciated Thanks
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