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  1. I have 3 types of flashing tools as in image No: (0) The problem is that the copper soldering place I have to use on the xbox 360e motherboard ( corona4g) is broken, as shown in image No: (2) Is there another alternative place I can use to solder the tools to flashing the nana file and replace the broken one? is it possible to use the place in image No(3) instead of the one in image No (2)? If yes, then how to do that? I have a Cool Runner ( ver:D ) installed on my device and I saw while searching on Google this picture (image No (1) ) Can I flash the nand file in this way Without adding new soldering? Thanks
  2. My brother has deleted all the files in the FreeStyle file manager on flash folder and the xbox does not boot except via xell-reloaded, I tried to flash the updflash.bin file via USB but the problem is the xell-reloaded does not read the bin files ( my xbox 360e is corona4g the bin file is 48MB ) Is it possible to recover deleted files through programs like Debian LiveCD or gentoo livecd xenon or pc software like WinSCP? thanks
  3. Can I send to someone my flashdmp.bin file to create a uphdmp.bin file for me so that I can flash my xbox360 by usb via xell reloaded I have tried a lot to create the file with some program, but every time I get an error And the xell reloaded does not read this file thanks
  4. My XBox 360 does not start to the Basic menu ( black screen ) Because my brother erased the launch file by mistake, now I can access only to the xell reloaded, I tried to flash my Nandflsh.bin through the USB with all known methods and it doesn't succeed, the Only programs that work is ( Debian 5.0 Mini LiveCD ) and ( gentoo livecd xenon ) and it works fine without any problem the question is: Can I repair my Xbox by inserting the Lost or missing file through some programs such WinSCP or PuTTY or any other programs? ( I can see and edit the files inside the Xbox via WinSCP ) ( The problem started when my brother accidentally deleted the launch file from the root dir ) 😟 thanks
  5. I want to do like the one in the picture on my xbox 360 e but there is a difference on the motherboard so what should I do? The explanation is the same in the picture , The image on the left side is for my xbox360 motherboard thanks
  6. I'm trying to flash nandflash.bin + xenon.elf via usb on xell reloaded. The xbox 360e reads the files, but Does not complete he stops and restart to the black screen ---- ( my xbox 360e corona4g ) Sorry, if there are mistakes in writing, I do not speak English very well (google translation) thanks
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