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  1. Can i maybe get a mega link or something like that beacause these 2 links somewhy doesnt work . Thank you.
  2. Maybe someone has XeX.menu 1.1 download link ?
  3. I need dashlaunch new update . (cheking if my xbox iss an RGH)
  4. my xbox launches blue when on start up but in the xbox like in it but idk . People say if its green it an rgh if its red then jtag but mines is blue so i dont know what that means maybe u can help and also on my xbox 360 box i saw 250gb+ and RGH so maybe its RGH ? also thank for helping me .And what means rebuild the image ?sorry for asking many questions just i dont know almost nothing :(.
  5. but the xbox live isnt needed so maybe i can download throw the usb ?
  6. yeah beacause mines is old and plus i dont have the xbox live
  7. I mean like the xbox 360 title update but not games tu like the xbox 360 if its posible
  8. Hello maybe there is a way to get the tu for cod ? Beacause i cant find it .
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