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  1. Hi, first of all thanks for the answer, it's been a while but better late then never 😁 ! I followed your advice and did some searching. I decided to follow YouTube tutorial of Modded Warfare user, it was most applicable for me. I used : Simple 360 Nand Flasher XeBuild GUI (17559) Xbox Update Download for Avatar Assets (version 17559) - remember to update avatars after upgrade ! Everything went perfectly fine and was quite easy. I believe Xbox 360 kernel version 17559 is the very latest that will appear for that console . It is worth to upgrade while it is available. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all ! I just bought my xbox 360 RGH and I have 2 important questions about upgrading my box. My Current setup is: kernel 2.0.17349.0 FSD 3.0 Rev58 Dashlaunch 3.16 It is how the console came to me. I have already "installed" Aurora 07b.1 as well as FSD 3.0 Rev 783 (this unofficial release) - all work ok although they are not configured yet, I did some preliminary testing and game lunching. And the questions are: Is it worth to upgrade the kernel to 2.0. 17559.0 - what are the pros (personally I think it is always better to have never software), are there any cons (except the process is complex and dangerous as for newbe as I am), does someone has done upgrade to 2.0. 17559.0 Is there still possibility to get software to run upgrade, I read through several threads on this forum and I noticed most of the links for software download are unavailable like latest Simple NAND Flasher , JRunner, xeBuild I'm aware that this forum is heading to "end of life", but still there are many people like me willing to use the software. I would really appreciate if someone would share software like: Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b latest JRunner FSD 3.0 Rev 775 would be nice but I guess the reasons it's no longer available This forum is one of the safest to ask for this kind of help, I not willing to download stuff from "untrusted" and "unconfimed" places. Would be also nice to have access at least to latest version of software that is necessary to keep your console in good shape. I know wishful thinking ... I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance ! I started my search from this thread - and reached far into xbox 360 internet threads ....
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