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  1. I've found work around for my second question : copy setting.db from aurora to laptop and edit it with DB Browser for SQLite, save and copy back to XBOX (make sure not when aurora running, cause file is in use). Search table name : SystemSettings, search for record PCPermissions. My setting was only allow Quick View and Delete Content (the one that I can;t make enabled), so PCPermissions Value was : 52992 Decimal or if I convert to binner 1100 1111 0000 0000 I wasn't sure which bit is which setting, so I decide to change to 1111 1111 0000 0000 or 65280, to enabled all security options. After that boot to Aurora and all security setting enabled / checked. Make adjustment directly through Aurora UI, with no touching to delete content check box. Test from Aurora main screen, Press 'Y and try to delete game from there. Voila, asking for passcode I'm using transparent theme so from Detail View I can see game background which is good. From there navigate to next game with press LB or RB like next page skipping several games, not very next/prior game unfortunattely.
  2. Hello, I'm still new to xbox let alone the aurora/freestyle. But after some search, I still can't get aurora coverflow that show game's background in the main screen, I mean like this FSD coverflow. Is it true that this is not possible to handle with aurora's coverflow ? Second question : I disabled Y button to view games using passcode, since it still can delete games without passcode. Seems bug in aurora security. I try to load the sqllite aurora data in laptop, but don't know what to changes. Is it have a patch for this ? I'm using aurora 0.7b thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry I this repost or already covered, just want to share. I think this post also covers the same issue : I just buy XBOX 360 S, used one. Already RGH with freestyle 3 in it, with internal harddisk 500Gb, with around 19 games without cover artwork at all. Try to create account on JQE360 but I can't open the website. After some search, I got that FSD is not support anymore, people migrate to aurora. So I download aurora. For game covers I use WebUI in FSD and Aurora Title Editor manually game by game and it's nice. After that I decide to buy external harddisc with xbox games in it, about 1 Tb with around 279 games in it, and think it will be a load of works if I update it one by one. Short : All covers downloaded via internet Long : My internet on my mobile phone, I don't have router. So I using Laptop with windows 8.1, connect to mobile phone hotspot using laptop's wifi. Using Internet connection sharing to ethernet connect to Xbox. Both set manually IP address on laptop and xbox ethernets, since I don't have dhcp on my laptop. First try with aurora, it works, and I found some website says in FSD using unity account. So I give it a try on last friday. I works, FreeStyle start to download Covers, Background and Description along with screenshots. But after some time, FSD start crash, several restart didn't work, it keep crash. Open file manager and find out OnBoardMU is out of space since my freestyle located in OnBoardMU. Copy it using FTP to my laptop, and count the size about 1.5 Gb. GameDate is too much, so I decide to move it to internal HDD1. After that FSD3 stop crashing, but it no longer resume the download, Refresh workarts one by one still work though, but to much manual selection. Delete the scan paths and readd them do the trick, and it start download automatically. Finally done all the games covers update with total 293 games... Free style version : it comes up with this version when I buy this XBOX, so I don't know if the default.xex already updated with the above link. My Dashlauch setting liveblock enabled, livestrong disabled. using unity user account : I don't know if this really required. But hit button "Link Console to JQ360" didn't have any error poping up. this is when I still need to refresh workarts one by one. Manage title updates give blank list. it works : Delete the scan path : it's takes so long, sometimes I restart the freestyle and redoing it's start downloading : try do delete another folder path : but it's required download complete first. after some moment later : I like this coverflow, because it show game background along with the cover when some game selected. Sometime I missing in Aurora (I tried to search but it seem not supported). But the loading Aurora still have the upper hand, much faster than freestyle. And Aurora display arcade and xbox games at once also nice. I decide to exclude screenshots for downloading to save spaces. that's it.
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