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  1. K, I tried your idea and put it on the USB as instructed, but no change to issue. Indie titles still work just fine from stock dash or dashlaunch, but no go in aurora.
  2. How would putting it on a usb drive allow me to boot it? If the game isn't looking for it there...
  3. I suspect that for some reason aurora isn't enabling the title update, and that's the problem. Now how to fix it? That I have no idea about.
  4. I never had the greyed out avatar problem. I did try to see if the update was necessary anyhow, and it didn't seem it was. I'm on the latest version (17559).
  5. yeah thanks for trying at least! It's been totally weird, especially since they boot in dashlaunch and stock dash with no probs.
  6. Tried those settings and still no dice. It's a really weird issue I'm having. The only difference between my setup in yours is you are on a older version of dashlaunch. Grrrr...
  7. As I mentioned, I already did this. That update is right where it should be, and even tried placing it in the cache. It's in the original post.
  8. I have tried to use the dashlaunch options from within aurora also, but that had no effect for me. As for enabling the TU within the indie's game options menu, when I go to title updates from within an indie, it shows no title updates to enable. This is likely the source of the problem? Why isn't it showing up there?
  9. No matter what I try, I can't get indie (XBLIG) games to boot from Aurora. They work from the stock dash, and from dashlaunch, but not aurora. Here is my info: I am on Aurora 0.7b r1622 located in hdd1\Aurora 0.7b.1\ I am on Kernel 2.0.17559.0, I updated my xbox before modding it; I placed the 2.0.17559.0 update in $$ystemupdate on a USB drive in case the avatar update was the problem and no patch was applied; I am on a Corona 4gb RGH with a 1tb internal hdd; All games are in hdd1\Content\0000000000000000\<titleid> All XBLIG games are in hdd1\Content\0000000000000000\584E07D2\00000002; The XBLIG TU #29 is in hdd1\Content\0000000000000000\584E07D2\000B0000; I also placed the TU in the cache folder; Aurora also has a copy of the TU in Aurora\Data\TitleUpdates\20200202020202(...)\584e07D2\D955ea41(...)\; Dashlaunch is in HDD1\Dashlaunch 3.21; launch.ini is in HDD1\launch.ini; All XBLA and DLC unlocked in XM360v3.2d; and all XBLIG games work in MS Dash and Dashlaunch. Dashlaunch 3.21 settings are: contpatch on; xblapatch on; licpatch on; pingpatch on; liveblock on; livestrong off; fakelive off; autofake on; autocont on; autofake0 0x584E07D2; (I also tried with fakelive on) I'm going crazy over here! Thanks in advance
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