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  1. Hello I don't know if you are still active but I made a cover for BIOLOGY BATTLE, sorry to add onto this post but it looks to be the same issue Ransu had. I'm attaching the image here also.
  2. Is there a way to mod an xbox 360Ss sounds to use the sounds from the star wars limited edition console?
  3. Thanks and may I ask why it even bothers to have you put in a serial to begin with?
  4. Is there a way i can edit the serial number in an internal HDD to match a destination system? I had a jtag phat 360 and when i formatted the internal drive it asked for the serial of the system. That machine died and i have an RGH system i would like to physically move the drive to without having to use ftp. Is this possible or will i have to sit tight for a week transferring over all of my games and data?
  5. Im using auroras ftp and filezilla on pc. The 10-15MB/s was for a modded original xbox, I was just curious as to why that is faster. Everything i have read says your internet speed has to do with speed but that doesn't check out in my head because you don't need internet to transfer via ftp, all you need is a network connection. I have your xexmenu test and one more of mine to try. I have a spare router with no one previously connected so the bandwidth isn't affected. I will try connecting bot to that and have a dedicated connection and see how that goes.
  6. I don't have any problems with the games, those play perfectly well. I just remember ftping to the original xbox and getting 10-15MB/s speed ten years ago. I am only getting 2MB/s on this and i don't know what is causing it. When i pause queue and start again it jumps to around 20 and then slowly drops to 2.
  7. Transferring games to my jtag'd 360 via ftp is slow, about 2.5MiB/s transferring one file at a time. I'm using FileZilla in passive mode, i have tried active and it didn't make a difference. I am on a wired connection on both ends and i have seen it jump to 25MiB/s so i know the speed is there i just don't know what would be holding it back. What are your optimal ftp settings for this? Let me know what info you need beyond that.
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