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  1. I'll as many of us just wanna find a good chat voice server And as I understood good decision is - my team voice. which still free but has set entrails as a professional solution
  2. Have you ever try voice chat?? My friend recommended me My Team Voice. I belive him but I dont know what ti do)))
  3. In forums I has read that My Team Voice has wide range of functions finf team communication, there is an overlay with a built-in command chat and allows you to set the ranks and priorities.
  4. for me, communication is very important! So I'm looking for a solution)
  5. what is "jtag"?? I has read review that C2 and Mamble (or something like its named) not so good! they are noob... its hasn't normal functionality.
  6. Sometimes, not often I play online games, but most of all I like to play with someone who i know, with my friend for examlpe. And skype - not good for me becouse it does not fit, it knocks, you can not change anything while playing it. Advise something!
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