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  1. Hi All, I’ve recently discovered a bug/glitch with the aurora screenshot facility, it is as follows; with the screenshot facility turned ON with the default buttons selected for the actuation (back + start) the start button behaviour glitches. i have confirmed this with multiple controllers and a game pad testing homebrew, but basically with it turned on any controller assigned to player one, will only register a blip of a start button press once the physical button is released. This has happened on all my controllers (works as normal once they are assigned players 2,3,4). Once the screenshot facility is deactivated, the start button behaves as normal (push to register, able to hold start as the glitch prevents this). Not sure if it’s just me affected or others. For reference this is my current version of aurora; Binaries: 0.7b r1622 Skin: 0.7b r1622 Plugin: 0.7b r1622
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