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  1. In Aurora there's the ability to select and download available covers when pressing Y on a game and choosing the option from the menu. Does anyone know of any place where these covers are stored online or to download directly online in a browser? I prefer the Casperr covers since they have a easily readable spine, but it's a pain going through 100's manually within Aurora to download. It will probably take me longer to try to find them using this post than to just shut up and do it manually but thought it couldn't hurt to ask.
  2. After some digging it looks like the Towers (2) cover layout in Aurora can at least show a vertical stack of games, which is sort of what I'm looking for. I attached a few screenshots of the view in BigBox that I'm referring to, on the left you can see a basic text list of game names within a folder for whichever collection or category of games you have configured. Just to be clear I'm not asking someone to create something, just sorta new to Xbox 360 RGH and such and wondered if there was a way to browse a list of text list of games in a similar way on Xbox 360.
  3. Hi All, I have been using Aurora and FSD on my Xbox 360 and looking to customize my setup in a certain way. In Aurora when using the Browse feature by clicking X, I'm able to get a list of games alphabetically (also shows a small thumbnail of the cover which is nice). However I'm not finding any way in Aurora to configure so I have separate folders for different categories like it shows in FSD for Xbox 360 Games, Xbox Original, Emulators etc. I like how FSD has the separate categories to select, but would rather see a text list of the games within the folder rather than any type of coverflow list. Is there a frontend of any sort where you can create folders or configure folders for each specific category like Xbox 360 Games, Xbox Original, Emulators etc and when entering that folder it will show a text list of games alphabetically? I am aware of how to manually browse through my folders using file manager and launching games manually, just wondering if anything like this exists. I'm a longtime user of Launchbox / BigBox for the PC and love the simple text list view of games per platform/console etc. Just never been a fan of coverflow / giant box art method to navigate. Any info or input on this is appreciated, thanks.
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