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  1. I unsoldered everything and thay made the console turn back on, but as its a flashed nand, it wouldnt boot. I soldered the JRP back on and I was able to flash the retail nand. Booted up just fine. Everything seems to go good until i need to flash. xell booted fine with no issues, then the nand seemed to mess up and say every block is bad. So this would be the second time it did it in the same spot it messed up. I have no clue what im doing wrong for it to only mess up when i try and flash the nand. I dont think it would be the soldering as the JRP wires after i solder them on i dont mess with them, right? I mean they all looked fine the second time I tried, but the same outcome happened.
  2. Tried to RGH 1.2 a Jasper 16MB. everything went well up until i got to writing the nand. the JR Programmer Continued to tell me that every block was bad. I cant rewrite the retail nand back either. Console wont turn on at all. Can anyone help?
  3. Please ignore this post. I broke a solder pad on my Zephyr board I was trying to RGH on, so i no longer need support and i dont know how to delete.
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