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  1. I did what you recommended and it didn't work. Another thing I noticed is that the internal memory of 4gb has decreased to 2.8gb and you can't move or save files on it. The xbox works normal, what bothers me most is not being able to change the video resolution anymore.
  2. Thanks for replying. I passed the Nand on J-runner and says there are no badblocks 😭.
  3. My xbox 360 no longer saves system settings. For example, I change the video resolution and when I enter a game or restart the console, the resolution goes back to what it was before. This happens with any settings I change. Does anyone know what could be? I've tried to rewrite the nand, but it didn't work.
  4. It has, but it is the outdated one, only with the first 4 cheats.
  5. Does anyone still have the updated version of the dark souls trainer created by mad_monkey? The changelog I found on the internet but the download link is dead: MEDIA ID = 53830F53 TITLE ID = 4E4D083A TU = 1 "Cheat Options" 1) GOD 2) 1 Hit Kill 3) Inf. Stamina 4) Inf. Items 5) Inf. Spells 6) Inf. Souls 7) Inf. Humanity 😎 No Debuffs 9) No Repair UPDATE (11/10/2015) Updated "One Hit Kill" cheat. Now works correctly, even shooting with arrows and spells the enemies. Updated "Inf. Items" cheat. Now all objects in "down button" (Flasks, Humanity, Souls, etc.) and all materials in inventory (Titanite Shards, etc.) are completely infinite. Go to upgrade weapons and armor! Added "Inf. Spells" cheat. Don't need explanation. Added "Inf. Souls" cheat. Buying, level-up and repair are completely free. About level-up, upgrading stats the amount of souls decrease until become red. After confirmation, return to the previous value. Added "Inf. Humanity". Return human for free and stop looking like a piece of dry meat. Added "No Repair" cheat. Weapon and armor don't need repair anymore! UPDATE (17/10/2015) This game is a nightmare! If you touch one thing "here", you need to modify ten things "there"! Ok, let's take a look to the changes: Updated "GOD" and "1 Hit Kill" cheats. There's some enemies (open spoiler if you're curious) that have same idents as PG. I just updated one ident to be more precise. Update "Inf. Items" cheat. Old cheat have some errors with the Bottomless Box, now all works well. Spoiler In the game there's some enemies that for a while are "neutral" or other enemies that are not like those all around the game. Some examples: Havel the Rock Nico and Vince of Thorolund All invaders (Kirk Knight of Thorns, Maneater Mildred, etc.) Trusty Patches (if you answer "Yes" at his question, when you meet him again , he attack you) All enemies after the magical door at Darkroot Garden that's possible to open with the Crest of Artorias. After you join the Forest Hunter covenant, they stop attack you. UPDATE (01/11/2015) Added "No Debuffs" cheat. No more poison, curse, bleed, toxic.
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