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  1. I disconnect after i play on system link for 15 minutes then I have to turn off my xbox and turn it on again to play then again 15 minutes I disconnect from system link then turn off and turn on and keeps going like that
  2. Ok so now I deleted the system link rebooted my xbox then when I go to system link I can play for some time then I get disconnected and when I try to enter the room again I get corrupt userdata received again,I want to delete all the files related to system link also the file that shows system link rooms and the files related to system link interface please specify them for me,I have deleted the userdata folder in aurora plugins and tried again but I play for some time and then same problem corrupt userdata received in addition to my xbox shuts down when I try to refresh to rejoin the room
  3. Message Corrupt user data received or non ending loading circle in system link When I try to connect to system link circle keeps loading for a long time then I get corrupt user data received then I have to click unload NOVA then I click load again and open the game again for system link to work back then after some time I get disconnected from the system link room and I get corrupt user data received and so on ,what is the problem (very long time loading circle and corrupt user data received message)
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