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  1. I was finally able to get the xbox back on using a donor nand and create a fresh dump using my cpu and dvd key cheers
  2. I have tried, it make no difference. Now even the red light dot does come on. the light stays green (no controllers connected) Only thing that i can do is boot into xell.
  3. Hi, I recently bought a seconds RGH2 Slim Corona 16MB most likely. Running Corona. It came with a 250GB HDD; i wanted to upgrade the HDD so i bought a new 1Tb HDD formatted it from XBOX dash. I put xex menu and from there put dashlaunch along with crorona. I had created a backup of the old drive on a USB and started replacing folders including games and other files. I also backed up a folder called system When i replaced the folder from the USB HDD it stopped showing any files in the system folder. i thought it was normal. I played ninja gaiden for a bit and then quit and rebooted. When i rebooted i was greeted with E79 error. I realised something had gone wrong. So i swapped with old HDD still no difference. Now i was able to boot into Xell so see the CPU keys etc but since it was a pre-mofified system i do not have a Nand backup. can somebody please help me, i will be very grateful. Also i have no experience with J-runner or hardware modding soldering etc do you think this situation is recoverable. cheers, sid
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