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  1. Pc= gone (idk where is the laptop) Guess I am gonna wait for that sinden lightgun
  2. It is in the compatibility list, I just downloaded hotd 3 (House of the dead 3) and I found a light gun that works on any tv, works with og xbox, I wonder if it works with 360, It's called EMS top gun 3 (and the hacked files may not work? The hacked files didn't put light gun settings?)
  3. Hello guys! Do you guys know how to get the OG xbox light gun work with the 360? I want to play house of the dead 3 with it
  4. Hello, Is there a way to play with bots 9v9 in call of duty ghosts? I saw some people do it and I want to know how they do that.
  5. OK I am really sorry if I bugged you, thanks for trying to help Can you delete my topic though?
  6. Do you at least know where to contact them?
  7. How can I contact him/her? Direct messages? I can't even post therads so I guessed I can find help here
  8. Hello, so I logged into a website called "xpgamesaves" it says that it send me a confirmation email but I don't get it, I tried "resend email", and I checked my email, but I don't get it, anyone working in xp can help? *I am stupid risking my account for this*
  9. Hello! I am planning to download Lego dimensions, however I can't find dlc for the game, anyone knows where to find all dlcs?
  10. saifsaif45


  11. Nvm I just refreshed and it is there! The problem is fixed! Thanks for help I guess lol.
  12. To myself that's a dumb question but, we refresh the title updates or do something else to get it back? Like download and import?
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