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  1. yeah, i saw that too. everything we can really do is wait, i think.
  2. Hey, i changed from freestyle to aurora recently, in freestyle everything was being downloaded. incluing synopsis, banners and screenshots. in aurora, the only things downloading are covers, backgrounds, and Title Updates. no synopsis, screenshots, rating and banners. livestrong are already disabled, but liveblock are on. i even tried to reinstall the aurora and the dashlaunch, and not worked. My kernel is a bit old, 17349. but i don´t think that´s the the problem. All games stay the same as BO2 in the screenshot, even if refreshing manually. Is there a way to resolve this? thanks for the great work, guys. Aurora are wonderful. And sorry if there´s any language error, not my native one. Screenshot: 0000000020181010180258891.bmp
  3. neekomeeta

    Can’t Download Synopsis even with Livestrong Disabled

    Same thing here. Downloads T.U, cover, backgrounds. but no ratings, banners or synopsis. Livestrong already off