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  1. Actually it happened right when I updated to FSD 3.0.. and no I haven't updated the MS dashboard recently. But my profile was corrupted only for my forza games,I lost all my save for forza horizon and forza 4, I had to delete manually my save files from these games unfortunately. Reading throught internet, I noticed that a lot of people have trouble with Forza save so it may only affect these games. Next time, i will move my profile to a USB stick to be safe.
  2. Hi , after upgrading to FSD 3.0, i cannot use my old profile that used to work with fsd 2.2. Whenever i try to start a game an error message is showing: It appears your profile has been tampered with. You cannot proceed. What can i do to solve this because i'd like to recover my saves ? Any inputs?? thank you Nick
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