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  1. Have they changed the file system and do not see usb windows to customize the saved file ??? Thanks
  2. I do not think it's just my problem the server ??? or there has been dirt on the previous installation how can i delete everything and put a new one back !
  3. Are these ini files of my console correct ? launch for aurora.ini launch for flash.ini
  4. What is my problem with Aurora? maybe dashlaunch settings? NOOBE = TRUE FAKELIVE = FALSE LIVESTRONG = deactivated
  5. Continue to not understand why white page discretion ??? livestrong is disabled by dashlaunch
  6. Popcorn38

    Help me

    I used the freestyle dash now I installed Aurora 0.7 Press Y key details. White page without photo preview description. Is Livestrong deactivated ??? Missing dlc is title update Rise of the tomb raiden TU5 ??? Thank you very much
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