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  1. Grave

    RGLoader Issue

    The only way I could use RGLoader now is if the devs (or someone with the source code) releases a version that supports BB nands. I've seen talk about them supporting it in future versions before they decided to drop the project and go private, kinda blows since I've moved away from the whole modding scene and only interested in development in my free time.
  2. Grave

    RGLoader Issue

    I figured out the issue, apparently there are no public builds of RGLoader that support Jasper BB nands. So I guess I'm just SOL.
  3. Grave

    RGLoader Issue

    I literally for the life of me figure out why this won't work, long story short I wanted to use the RGLoader nand and every time I create a dev image it works fine, it's when I try to flash the nand that it tells me that the nand size is too small. Can anyone explain why this is happening? Or a possible fix? Kernel: 17150 Motherboard: Jasper Glitch Type: RGH1
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