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  1. Idiocracy such a beautiful word! Just to be clear I didn't think it's link that caused it just may've been the setup and again to be clear if it was the internet's speed, the quality of the game would be shit which isn't and players wouldn't have been able to play from the beginning. So, Again... Nice.
  2. So the internet connection is flawless for All players for 15 to 20 minutes and your solution is better connection! Nice.
  3. Hi Everybody! I wanted to ask you a question regarding hosting a game on system link, You see whenever I host a game all players timeout after about 15 mins and it really sucks. So is there a solution to this problem?
  4. Okay Thanks I appreciate your help.
  5. Just curious what is your nat type and what's your connection speed ?
  6. can you explain more about the connection ?
  7. It was , My Unity account name is kemopotter
  8. My download is 4 upload is one and I'm connecting from egypt
  9. The Plugin Tests are flawless and the title update is the latest which is 18 but Just to be sure what could be wrong in dash launch ?
  10. Hello everyone , I have an rgh Console and every time I try to play COD BO2 on System Link I Can't find any games and if i do Find games i can't connect to most of them I even can't host any cause every time I do the other Players timeout so How Can i Fix This Cause I've Tried Everything nat related and port forwarding I Can think of and still nothing ?
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