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  1. I have an Xenon's JTAG and on 12611 Kernal, I tried updating Dashlaunch to 3.08 to update the Kernal to the latest kernal with Xebuild plugin on dashlaunch but everytime I launch Dashlaunch it prompts me to install and then I confirm installation and it seems to do nothing so when I try to expand the configurators tab to enable updserv, the Configurator tab doesn't expand. At the bottom left it says it's not installed even though I've installed it. Please Help?
  2. Thanks again, I followed the tutorial got as far as installing dashlaunch v3.08 but when I updated it it doesn't install and prompts me to install on launch, then it seems to just bypass installation and when I press A on configurators it doesn't expand so I can't access updserv to update the kernal What should I do?
  3. Okay thanks for replying to this topic, Just a couple questions though Should I uninstall Dashlaunch so I can have my original nand flash? how do I find out what JTAG I have on JRunner? (Aud_Clamp or R-JTAG) Can I skip to the latest kernal or do I have to do each one in order manually? e,g. 16202-16203-16537 When installing dashlaunch do you have to plug your ethernet cable in the back of the console?
  4. Hello RealModScene Community, I can't install Dashlaunch v3.07 onto my Xenon JTAG kernal: 12611, I updated it when it prompted me and it rebooted my console but when I run the installer now it's say at the bottom left it's not currently installed and prompts me to install which when I click does absolutely nothing. Any help or solutions?, Much appreciated!
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