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  1. I resolved my issue! Sorry if the icon's look kinda "scuffed" i'm just testing the ColorFactor which is one of the Properties for XamImagePresenter. Thanks for the help felida!
  2. ** UPDATE: Okay, i just tampered with my xml order. Now my XUI properties seem to be saving. Not sure about exporting as an xur though. ** Another update: Yeah, it doesn't seem to be loading the skin at all now. That's weird.
  3. I've tried that i'm pretty sure. Maybe it's the order my extensions are in? My current order:
  4. I'm trying to edit the HudUiSkinCustom.xur for the FSD Plugin so i can change the button colors for the system link and file browser. So as I'm attempting to change the color from green to orange and i load up the plugin... The button color is orange but all the icons are white, and they don't change to black when not focus'd. (i've attached some example images) I'm pretty sure the reason for this is because XuiTool and XuiWorkshop keeps converting XamImagePresenter to XuiImagePresenter. So i go to do all this again, once i made all my changes etc. I open my xui in notepad to see the xml and it's changed XamImagePresenter to XuiImagePresenter and removed all my properties that i set. This is really getting on my nerves and any help would be appreciated!
  5. I think i posted this in the FSD section instead of the Aurora section. My apologies!
  6. I'm trying to change the button color for the file browser. I've edited the HudUiSkinCustom.xur file and im having this issue that's really bugging me and i'm not sure how to fix it. The problem is, is that the device icon is still white when it isn't selected? This is really bugging me, any help would be appreciated! note: If anyone is confused, I've attached photos so you can have a better understanding of what i'm talking about.
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