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  1. Thanks for your help. I managed to get it installed, thank you to everyone.
  2. Can I ask, how is it that people would normally launch FSD? I know that you can set it to launch FSD on start up, but if you hadn't chosen that option how would you launch it manually? I think I am just going to take the risk and see what happens
  3. Hello, I had my xbox rgh'd for me sometime ago. I know they installed xexmenu, because I can see it in my games list, but I cant see anything about freestyle dash. The installation tutorials look pretty easy, but I read somewhere that if I install FSD when there is an existing installation, I lose all my xbla games etc. Is there some way of telling if I have fsd installed? Should there be some menu option to launch it in my games list? Alternatively, I think the installer I downloaded has a fresh install and upgrade option. If I cant tell if I have fsd or not, should I just launch the upgrade option? Would that do a initial install, even if I don't have fsd? Thanks for your help
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