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  1. I cannot for the life of me get Mass Effect 3 to work on my external hard drive. (The original disk works just fine but I want to rip it) Mass Effect 2 and 1 work perfectly ripped, but 3 wont work after being ripped (tried ripping it twice and same thing always happens) all it does it plays the starting videos and sits at this screen: https://imgur.com/a/VE5XLyu (it freezes my whole system and I have to power the system down via the power button, no other game does this and I have over 200+ games ripped to my device) Anyone with any luck getting this to work? the fact that the disk works and when I rip it to my hard drive it doesnt makes zero sense to me. I put it in Disk 1 and Disk 2 folders (I tried starting the game from the ripped disk 1 and disk 2 and the same thing happens) I put the disk in and run it off that and it works just fine...
  2. Cant for the life of me find this last update for this game, Can't even get half the DLC to work without it, would super appreciate it if someone could upload it here, or at unity, thanks! Game: Civilization Revolution TitleID: 545407E5 MediaID: 479CC0CC BaseVersion: 00000001 Version: TU3
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