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    • PADDLE MEYHEM is PONG with Graphic Updates and Dancing Lights
    • Made with Unity for Xbox 360
    • Achievements to collect
    • 2 Player Offline mode
    • Great music

    PADDLE MEYHEM CONTENT PACKAGE V1.0: https://mega.nz/file/IS5USYib#y1SB6gDSgM_oW8hnZuP9nW4CUmvAOq0l5jpiW1sjSsI
    PADDLE MEYHEM LOOSE FILES V1.0: https://mega.nz/file/9bZgjJ5B#xnJj3CyY9mQW37WmufmmQLq3POEF3qZ7TVHUYxQLP8E

    *** You might have to use X360GameHack to pack XEX for RGH/JTAG ***




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  2. Hey, I got it working without Xbox Live, Without needing Aurora, works on RGH, XDK JTAG PC maybe PS3. not RGLoader, RGLoader breaks even with a sample project with unity, sorry. Expect some free multplayer games for the Xbox 360 soon! ( the bigger image is from my PC XBOX 360 the smaller is from my PC :) Cross Plat BABY!1611eba7420c81e5fd8c1f6ca8b0c331.png

  3. Hey, so I have been using Unity and the Xbox 360 Module we have for it to make games, I have gotten pretty good at writing code is C#, however, I have hit a snag. I am trying to get a network connection made preferably without Xbox Live, like how Aurora connects to NOVA without the need of Xbox Live..

    What I am asking help with. I need to get my builds to connect to eithers Unity server, or I have my Own we can use, I just need to get a connection to work. I have XDK's and an RGH..

    Why Do I need this to work? I have so many Ideas, 1. A fall guys clone, it would bring some game nights back to the 360, 2.. I am part of a community that loves to collect builds of games, I want to make a Store (all free) where you can download builds directly to your Xbox. Also my test to connect to unity server and my own server work perfectly on pc builds but not xbox, my xbox connects to nova so its something to do with the Code. 

    Any and all help would be appreciated. There is a way to write your own cpp DLLS for the xbox 360, maybe we can use that? again I dont want to use xbox live i just need my game to see the outside world.. Lets bring some life back to the Xbox !

    Thank you so much for your time.


  4. 1 hour ago, moses_373 said:

    New Homebrew for the 360? Do my eyes deceive me?

    Nope! This is just a basic game but I have bigger more fun ideas! I'm working on figuring out networking but my Xbox don't wanna connect to my server. Once it does I plan on fall guys clone and a space shooter!

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  5. I used to go by Shadha a while ago I go by Gunz4Hire for a while now, MORE Homebrew coming soon :)


    • This is a Port/Upgrade of the classic game Snake.
    • Made In Unity 5.4.
    • Runs on XDK / RGH / JTAG - RGLoader seems Incompatible with anything built in Unity
    • ~ Roughly 1000 lines of code in total.
    • I have added poison blocks that take away food and distort your vision temporarily.
    • I have added random generating walls that spawn every 10 fruit.
    • 8 Achievements to Collect.


    • DPAD - Control Snake
    • START - Pause Menu




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  6. Xenon360 History App V2.0

    - Fixed Audio reset glitch

    - Redesigned the Build Hub

    - Added XeDK Beta Hub

    - Added Credits Hub

    - Added Horror Meets Comedy Hub(WIP)

    - general stability improvements

    - Added r/360Hacks Milestone Hub





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  7. 44 minutes ago, gavin_darkglider said:

    Looked at the history you have, but you are missing all of the stuff about the early days of the SMC hack(JTAG), the work that was done by C4ever(Drive CFWS), RGH by GliGli,  or any of the homebrew developers and apps. For an app that gives you information about xbox 360's that runs on hacked xbox 360's, it seems weird not to at least have some context there, or maybe even some guides. 

    Oh it will be there :D
    I started with builds, then went to like kiosk then stopped that to work on the alpha era.

    there is loads more that is not added yet :D
    anything else you can think of adding let me know!

    @Remmigiosh Yes they will be available to download soon, we have the packages but they have drm stuff, so we gotta rebuild the packages using the original package id's, here is one of the videos thas been hidden from anyone to watch for nearly 10 years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5x1GT8qMJI

  8. Thanks for the feedback, :D
     doing an online database was a idea from the start, but this is my very first homebrew, i know almost nothing about coding so i am doing what i know, that is a great idea and id love to do it that way, but i would not know where to start, i am mostly playing with XUI and some little coding, i do have a website that i am keeping all the same info as in the app, https://protoplanet.us .. but either way if i get smart enough i will definatly switch to server side :S

  9. Its a application that documents xbox 360 history, different sections have different bits of info, images, videos, all kinds of stuff.
    i am currently in the works of adding all the "Horror Meets Comedy" the lost xbox live shorts from 2008 into the app, redid the UI for the build section
    and doing some ui for the new sections that are coming with the app :D


  10. Welcome to the first Public Release of the Xenon360 History App!

    Version Release: 1.0 | January 5, 2019

    What is this?
    This piece of homebrew is our way of documenting one of the most creative and interesting Video Game Consoles out there, the Xbox 360.
    we believe that sharing this info is important to understand and appreciate what we have. We aim at documenting all aspects of the 360, from the early days of XenonOS and its roots back in 2003, to today, where we are still finding unreleased games and new info about the Xbox 360. We hope to have info about every Build we see, Info about Beta kits, Official Xbox Magazine. This is just the beginning...

    Please visit protoplanet.us for more info


    • Can read info about the G5 Alpha kits
    • Our build sheet in which you can see what games look like throughout there development process

    Most of the features below have been started and will gradually be implemented with each update.
    Coming soon:

    • Video playback of builds, so you can see more than just video
    • Look at the history of the Xbox 360 kiosk machine and what they do
    • Look at random gathered Documents contained, which involve G5 SDK info, different 360 milestones
    • See all available XDK recoveries
    • See all the different Xbox 360 Case designs
    • Massive documentation on Official Xbox Magazine, outlining differences within each monthly disc
    • XDK help center

    This is our first homebrew, bugs, crashes, random slow downs may happen. Please be helpful and report here any issues you have, that way we can optimize this for the best performance!

    Download Links:



    InsaneNutter and digiex.net
    The great people over at Prototopia.net
    XeDev, XeCanada and Xenonwiki.com
    The God of UI, Rowbotik
    Demon, Xe, Alpha, Yubi, Codeasm and anyone I missed who helped awnser my questions!
    This wouldnt have been possible without all the kind words and passion we have for the 360

    Thank you! 
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  11. Hello, I have recently updated to 0.7b, all was going well for a few days now, except that now today when i load up my xbox or do anything i get a screen that pops up saying "An unhandled exception has occurred, what would you like to do" then i get 3 option, restart aurora, launch Metr0, try to continue, when i choose try to continue i keeps doing its thing but 10 seconds later that message pops up. have restarted my console and everything and it still does it. please help

  12. 1. The Xbox 360 scene is not dead. 

    2. Early Releases just cause your console to take a shit and cause a headache.

    3. Great things come to thoes who wait

    4. Great work on this! I cant wait for the release but by all means take your time with it. I want something that will work, and the devs want something there proud of.

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