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  1. xbox360 neighborhood wont display icon after installing it have tried about 5 different neighborhood downloads nothings working tried searching for it found the sdk folder but no .xex just bunch of xdk related software that was used for game developing was opening fine before I uninstalled have restarted pc tried nearly everything on the internet just seeing if someone had the same problem and solved it?
  2. legit having the same problem reset my computer and it deleted all my things so re downloaded the sdk and installed it and it doesn't show a desktop icon either have restarted the pc but no luck it shows that its installed in control panel but theres no icon anywhere even when I search for it nothing comes up
  3. cheers gavin the only one that gave me a real answer those other two couldnt quite get it but thanks
  4. ok i understand what your saying but how do i get it out of that format and into .xex format ive tried using iso2god 360mpgui and nothing reads what i open ive attached a picture of what the files look like when i open up the game folder
  5. email: wade-duff@outlook.com username: NZMikey went to go make an account with this email and it said it was already in use??
  6. i cant extract it from my usb ive tried horizon but wont let me ive even opened the game folder up on my rgh and its not in god just say data 00-41
  7. is there a way to convert the downloaded games from store front to god format or even iso ive got the game on my usb stick and ive tried extracting it but wont let me
  8. fixed it cheers for the help had to delete the scan path than re add it
  9. The homebrew games keep showing in my games when I've set it to only display Xbox 360 games was working fine than started displaying Xbox avatar as a game don't know what to do as I've already set it to display only Xbox 360 games and have re installed aurora but still displaying the other application?
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