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  1. You aurora version is 0.5b you nerd to update to 0.7b
  2. I fixed using freestyle to download the title update
  3. Well...as felida said, maybe it's a problem with the unity server because months ago i had the same exactly version of aurora and the same game i downloaded ( Black Ops 2) he can me download all the versions had the game
  4. I cant manage with xkai link...1 hour ago i reset the hdd and the configuration i try tonight
  5. Ok there is the situation i downloaded the update on unity site and after installed it.....but there is another problem when the update is actived he cant me play on system link its says connection error try again...i tried reload the page multiple times but it didn't work......i think the problem is more complicated
  6. Ok thats strange i copy with disk method the original copy of COD Modern warfare 3 and i can me download the update on marketplace but i recently compied Halo Reach with the same method but he cant me show the update wh-whats going on?
  7. Ahah I understand so I have to wait for the problem to be solved?
  8. The xbox (account unity) is already connected i restarted the dashboard and the xbox but the problem remain
  9. Hi Guys i have a problem with unity marketplace. he can't find game title updates.....livestrong is disabled but i can download covers I try fix for two days try update aurora 0.7b to 0.7.1b but it didn't work someone can help me?
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