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  1. look i was download dash launch 3.08 from autogg and it was passed from the same autogg from ftp and this file was wrong it only had 1 file. so i downloaded dashlaunch from this post and work perfectly
  2. ok ok sorry i had a wrong dashlaunch 3.08, so i did that you said: to isolved the problem only need to unistall the old dashlaunch from the nand in the configuration option of dashlaunch and reboot and then from the xexmenu run the new dashlaunch 3.08 and install thanks
  3. i tried that you say, i did the uninstall procedure of the dash launch old when the xbox reboot, proceed to load 3.08 from xexmenu and i had the same result black screen and freeze console which other options i have?
  4. look i have a trinity console with the dashboard 16230 and the dash launch that i had is 3.07 (510) when i want to run the default.xex of the dash launch 3.08 the console crash in black screen i dont know why thanks for reply
  5. me too i tried that you said and not work someone help us?
  6. hey i have a problem i can't update dashlaunch from v3.07 to 3.08 when i run the default.xex my xbox is frezzing i dont know what to do can something give me a solution?? sorry for mi bad english..
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