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  1. i installed This on 775 and it works really good its hard to switch back to orginal dashboard after this seems so boring compared to this so thanks on your great work and sometimes tu hang and mostly this is caused by a faulty connection
  2. Yeah i didnt change anything in my xbox when i bought it was already flashed lt 3.0 and rghed when i bought it and i also have a backup nand with dvd key and everthing which autogg made b4 updating to 16203
  3. Recently i decided to update my dashboard from 1577 to the latest dashboard i own an xbox360 slim which had a flashed lt 3.0 philps liteon dvdrom and had RGH... I Used Autogg V9.2 And Used The Autoupdate On Lan Mode Which Worked Perfectly and Now Im On Dashboad 16203 and Also Update My Kinect & Avatar Via Lan Now All Of The games that were Copied on My Xbox360 havent change and still do work But My Dvd-rom Has Lost Functionality it dosent Read Burnt Xbox360 Games Or Orginal Ones just Reads them As Dvd Cd Or Video Cd cant even Extract Them.. Now In AutoGG Program i have My DvD Key & Serial i was wondering if there is a way to fix this Problem and Get My DVD Working Again?
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