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  1. Also where can I find a diagram for checking the soldering with the Multimeter
  2. I have been but theres no good ones for my version .
  3. Couldn't add template as I'm not at that stage lol IM GOING CRAZY! So I have the following : Qsb- tx corona 4gb nand rw kit And JR PROGRAMMER V2 for xbox slim Coolrunner Rev C - UK Stock So 1)I have soldered the Nand rw kit into place. 2) I Then connected the ribbon to qsb to sd card reader and put the switch on to R/W 3) I tried connecting the sd drive into pc ( using win 10 with device signed off )this is what come up in device manager: What do I do next? ADD ME ON SKYPE <3 gedis@10vpn.info / matty modding PLEASE HELP ME IL SEND NUDES OF MY IMAGINARY GIRLFRIEND
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