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    Hi, I'm actually a noob in the Xbox 360 RGH scene. Last year I bought a 360 Slim with Aurora 0.7b installed. Everything worked fine until now: when I try to scan new games from the main drive, it appears the error that you can see among the attachments. All games work fine, the error appears when Aurora downloads the games' covers. I didn't change ANYTHING since last year, I've never had this error before. If i restart Aurora the error doesn't appear, so I can download the covers. This error appears everytime I scan for new games. Do you know what the issue could be? Thank you in advance!
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    I'm having this issue too since monday, only the cover arts will download from xboxunity but everything eles that comes from marketplace will pop up the unhandled exception, turning livestrong on prevents the error but will only download the covers, hopefully Phoenix will fix this soon.
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    Hey, I think I've found a solution for this. From my testing, the issue seems to be with some games' asset data on Xbox Live Marketplace. When Aurora tries to download assets, it will first get covers from Xbox Unity and then attempt to download descriptions, titles, screenshots, trailers, ratings etc etc.. from the Xbox Live Marketplace website (over regular HTTP, this isn't a proper Xbox Live connection so won't get you console banned). I have done a grand total of 5 minutes of testing and research into this, but I would guess Microsoft changed something on their site (maybe they have a different marketplace page format, or 404 page) so Aurora is freaking out when it tries to download assets from there. The solution I found was to enable livestrong in Dashlaunch, as this will prevent Aurora from reaching out to the marketplace website. You won't get the enhanced asset data, only basic covers, but it's enough to fix things for now. Let me know if this solves it for you too.
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    this will fix it https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher
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