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    Background Slideshow Skin for Aurora 0.5b → VIDEO CLIP ↠Screenshot taken during background transition lol Skin background image fades between 1 of 5 images you choose!! You get a new background about every 10 seconds !! Instructions For Use: 1. Name 5 images as follows - Bkg1.png, Bkg2.png ,Bkg3.png, Bkg4.png ,Bkg5.png 2. Put them in your "Aurora\Backgrounds" folder. (if you need a tool to bulk rename or convert your backgrounds to .png THIS does the job well) NOTES: If you swap backgrounds while Aurora is running you will need to "Restart" the program from the system menu for the images to reload. due to opacity of the images during transition it is recommended that you use a gradient or other neutral image as your "default" set background, this should avoid any unintended images from being seen through the slideshow transitions Also added wrapping file browser lists, otherwise skin is same as default. If there is much interest in this skin I can easily make a better v2 and include , more total images in the "slideshow", extend the time each image shows, add support for .jpg pics,...let me know your suggestions!?!? Overall this is more or less just another proof of concept skin to show what can be done with external backgrounds, so others can make more out of it if they would like Example backgrounds pack Example_Bkgs_SlieshowSkin_begal.rar Skin backgroundSlideshow_begal.rar ****************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************** VERSION 2 - 10 slides ******************************** Same as above just add your backgrounds Bkg1.png - Bkg10.png City Lights Example Background Pack City Lights Bkg Example_begal.rar 10 Image Slideshow Skin w/default image backgroundSlideshow10_begal.rar 10 Image Slideshow Skin w/out default image backgroundSlideshow10_nodefaultbkg_begal.rar
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