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    So you're a few dashboards behind the most current one....big deal right....wrong. If you want to play the latest and greatest games, you will need to update that box sitting in front of you. And below is just how to do that. Items Needed: XeBuild: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Nand Flasher for xbox 360: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD KInect/Avatar Update: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FreeStyle3: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Place all of these items onto your USB stick that you will use for this process. STEPS TO TAKE: 1) The first thing you are going to need to do is obtain your CPU key. In order to do this, you will have to boot into xell/xellous and get this key. If you have not done this before, it is easy. Just boot your console via the eject button. It will then take you to a blue or black screen window that will throw a bunch of numbers/letters on the screen. Once it is done, you will be given the image below (your CPU and DVD key will be different so do not use the one in the picture). Either write down the key or take a picture as I did. Initial image: What you want: 2) Now once you have this key written/photoed, you can proceed to step 2. Fire up your computer and open up XeBuild. Once it is loaded, there will be a spot to input your CPU key. Go ahead and do that now. 3) Boot into FSD or XEXmenu, go to your file browser and select the xex file for Nand Flasher for xbox 360. You will be greated with the following image: Go ahead and select DUMP Nand Flash. After you click this you will be prompted with a save location request. Navigate to your USB stick and select it to save there: Let it do its thing and it will let you know when its done. Once it is finished, proceed to step 4. 4) Place the USB stick back into your PC and go back to XeBuild. Select the source file as the Nand Dump you just created. For the output file, select your USB drive and save it as updflash.bin or nandflash.bin either will work, just use something you know is the newly created file. Select what dashboard you want to use, I would suggest the most current one available. Make sure your XeBuild screen looks similiar to mine: If you feel like playing aroudn with the settings, go ahead, but do not hold me at fault when you mess something up. However, if you do, send me a PM and I can probably fix the issue for you!! Once you have everything entered, go ahead and hit Generate Hacked Image. Once it is done, you will recieve the following screen: Now proceed to step 5. 5) Place the USB stick back into your 360 and boot back into FSD/XEXmenu. Go back to your file navigator and navigate back to Nand Flasher for xbox 360. This time you are going to select Write Nand Flash however. It will bring up the same select file option as before, so go ahead and select the file you created with XeBuild. And follow the prompts on the screen. After it is done, go ahead and shutdown the console. Turn it back on to make sure everything worked as it should. If it did proceed. If it did not, re-read this and figure out what you did wrong and contact someone to fix your mess. 6) Assuming everything is alright, it is now time to install FSD3. In order to do this, download one of the available options listed above. ( I recommend the installer version. It is much easier and user friendly.) Use your current FSD/XEXmenu to navigate to the installer file that is located on your USB stick and follow the onscreen prompts (DO NOT HAVE IT INSTALL DASH LAUNCH, THE VERSION INSTALLED WITH XEBUILD IS NEWER). Once it is done, turn off your console and put your usb stick back into your PC and proceed to the next step. 7) Now it is time to update your system files to support Kinect and give you back your avatards. Remove everything from your USB stick except for your folder entitled $systemupdate. Make sure this folder is extracted and not still zipped compressed still. Once is in its own folder, rename that folder to $$ystemupdate. Put the USB stick back into your console and turn it on via controller or power button. The console should automatically pick it up and install the update for you. If it does not, make sure you have spelled the folder name correctly. You may have to try to play a game before the update dialog box appears. 8) enjoy your newly update console and all the latest games you can.
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