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    well, that has happened to me once when i had updated my freestyle dash. what i did was - deleted my games library (not the games from the hdd) from the settings menu where you set paths (it takes a while before it deletes everything). then set new path with deep scan level set to 4 or 5 press rescan. thats what worked for me and i hope it will work for you too.
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    these temps are high for me the hottest t hing in my xbox which is a jtag falcon is my actual case and that goes to about 38c and that was the other week and I live in England so if anyone else lives in England u know last week was fucking hot my gpu and cpu do not go above 37c and that has been on all day the reason for the temps being so low is that I have a koolance exos 2.5 cooling my xbox and ps3 the ps3 temps top out at 41c on rsx never been higher even doing last of us
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