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    UPDATE: So.........I wanted to have a bigger update, but I've been busy lately with my new job so it'll have to be just a very small update. Sorry for that! Anyway, I added a few more layouts but the thing I think it is more important is the adjustments I made. I've made adjustments to the angles, positions and a couple of other things to try and make it look even better (see the modesty here?? lol). So, see for yourself. Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?4zuh7qnmg5t6cdb Thanks for all the support, people! Cheers! PS: Yes, it works with all revisions of Freestyle Dash 3. PS2: All previous files of previous versions were removed from my mediafire account. This is the only file available now, sorry for any inconvenience. _________________________________________________________________________ Please check the update at the bottom of this post! Thanks! ORIGINAL: Hey there! First of all, thanks fot the great Freestyle 3!! I'm enjoying it so much. And as a result, I became a fan of the coverflow thing... I got "tired" of the same default 3 layouts so I decided to add my own. I made this one: ("shelf style") Zoomed the back cover thing a bit so we can read the text and see the images: So, why I'm here... I was trying to add more layouts because it seems people liked it (I shared it at xbox360iso) and I'm starting to actually understand how the coordinates work and stuff, BUT I have a problem. I was trying a new layout and I got where I wanted to: The problem are the cover "shadows". How can I move them? Or disable them? Is it possible? Thanks for your time! Cheers. UPDATE: Well, since it got popular, I'll share it with you guys. You'll get 20 different NEW layouts. That makes a total of 23, including the original ones. But first, I have to say I wasn't very happy with the cover size in the details view, so I resized it a bit: (a little smaller but fits the screen better, while still bigger than the original ones) Here are some examples of the new layouts: (YES!!! I finally got it right!!! ) Some of these have to be seen in motion, they could look dull in the screenshots. I call this next one "The Cube": (I know it's not exactly a cube, but...) (this one, for example is better in motion) Two Stockpiles: The LOVE Boat: (LOL) (also, could be an X...) I call this next one "Stairway to Heaven": (man, I love that song!!) There are other layouts in this new file, but you'll have to see for yourself. Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?cpcnjk3709xo39b I suppose you all know where to put this file, right? Anyway, it goes into the XML folder of the skin you're using. You don't have to extract the skin file and all that. Just put the file inside your skin data folder, for example: Hdd1:FreestyleDataSkins"name of skin you're using"XML"file goes here" You'll have to replace the existing file for this to work. Then, just reboot freestyle dash and enjoy. Hope you all like it.
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