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[MOD] Lips 4 in 1 (EUR)

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Lips Party Classics Four in One (EN)

This guide will let you have all the songs included in the four Lips games available in
Lips Party Classics so that you can run it on an JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 and not need to having
to switch disks to access the songs included on the other disks.

You will first need to own the EU versions of the Lips games:
- Lips (EUR) [Disc 3]
- Lips Number One Hits (EUR) [Disc 10]
- Lips Party Classics (EUR) [Disc 13]
- Lips I Love the 80s (EUR)[Disc 17]

These specific versions are needed for this hack to work.

To know which disc each game is you can check the LPS.xml file that is available in the
"lps" directory on each game disc for the DISC_INDEX line.
<DISC_INDEX>10</DISC_INDEX> in the file would indicate that it is Disc 10.

We will use the title "Lips Party Classics"as a base since this is the last version to
work with many wired microphones as I understand it.

Follow these steps:

1. Make a temporary folder on your computer and extract the contents of "Lips.4.in.1.zip" here.

2. Copy the content from the Lips discs to the folders matching it's disc number.
   - Files from "Lips (EUR)" goes into folder "3"
   - Files from "Lips Number One Hits" goes into folder "10"
   - Files from "Lips Party Classics (EUR)" goes into folder "13"
   - Files from "Lips I Love the 80s (EUR)" goes into folder "17"

3. Now run the scripts to create the "Lips 4 in 1 (EUR)" version.
   - If you are on a windows PC you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_WIN.bat"
   - If you are on a Mac you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_MAC.sh"
   - If you are using Linux you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_LIN.sh"

4. Copy the folder "Lips.4.in.1.EUR" to your modded Xbox 360 and run the game.
   It should now show all 160 songs of all four games and you never need to switch discs again.

If you have any old save games for Lips on your Xbox 360 you will need to delete them to make
this hack work properly as the game saves a cached list of all songs to the save file.
CAREFUL! If you have any DLC you do not need to delete that. Only the save file.

Hope you like this and have fun singing!




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Absolutely awesome job! :D

I'm not getting the preview video or audio on the police - every little thing she does is magic - although the actual song works OK.

The files are all there, they just don't play.

Does this work alright at your end?

Would it be worth me ripping it again incase something went wrong?

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Does this only work if the games are in iso? I’ve got all the games on my hard drive but they were installed from the disc TIA

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It works like a charm..

The Lips.4.in.1.zipfile is one available for logged users and it is only 321KB.

I've downloaded the files in iso format:

  • Lips (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Pl,Ru).iso                             
  • Lips - I Love the 80s (Europe).iso                                   
  • Lips - Number One Hits (Europe).iso                                  
  • Lips - Party Classics (Europe).iso        

Extracted it as mentioned using "Xbox Image Browser" and run the .bat file.. perfect!

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I've got it working on Windows machine. What i@ve done was following all the steps above with one EXTRA.

1. Download all 4 games in ISO format, download Lips.4.in.1.zip and extract to its own folder

2. Use IsoExtract or Xbox Image Browser and extract all 4 games in their respectful folders... etc 3, 10, 13, 17

3. Go to the folder Lips.4.in.1.EUR, point the mouse cursor to the address bar (empty space with no text) and click, then type CMD

4. Now in the Console screen copy and paste Pack_Lips_4in1_WIN.bat  -  press ENTER

5. Wait for 5 minutes to run - DONE

6. New folder named Lips.4.in.1.EUR will appear - Copy it to your RGH xbox360 

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