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My XBox 360 does not start to the Basic menu ( black screen )

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My XBox 360 does not start to the Basic menu ( black screen ) Because my brother erased the launch file  by mistake,  now I can  access only to the xell reloaded,  I tried to flash my Nandflsh.bin through the USB with all known methods and it doesn't succeed, the Only programs that work  is ( Debian 5.0 Mini LiveCD ) and ( gentoo livecd xenon ) and it works fine without any problem  the question is: Can I repair my Xbox by inserting the Lost or missing file through some  programs such  WinSCP or PuTTY or any other programs? ( I can see and edit the files inside the Xbox via WinSCP )

( The problem started when my brother accidentally deleted the launch file from the root dir )  😟



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