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  1. If your router can not find upnp then uncheck it from LiNK settings in FSD. Then test again and try to join someone in bo2. If your router says upnp enabled router found then just try changing the ports.. again...

  2. We already have a large group of (mostly link) Pakistani players on Facebook. I'll send you a request.


    hey i come online after 7:30pm



    games:cod bo 2,mw 3 and have started diablo 3 recently

    contact me on facebook we could like build a clan type thing in cod


  3. hi 





    only cod bo 2

    from SUKKUR friends will u please tell me ur online timing that we can play together 

    Are you on facebook? We have a LiNK group over there. 

  4. Closing notes-


    FSD navigates to USBMU just fine and dandy. Posted the disc 1 into USBMU:Content000... and disc 2 into my usual game rip folder and she's all good!


    Thanks all.

    There! See Swizzy, I answered him because I knew he was using the hdd like me (i.e. extended mu and games in the same) But I get your point too. :)Enjoy GTA V Wuzi ;)

  5. disc one must go on HDD content mate. It won't run of an external,

    I am running it on an external bud. ;) It works. Thats just a rumor spread by some people who couldn't figure out what to do...  


    Any advice? Perhaps it is just a bad unpack? Any tips you can send my way will be super appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    My advice? Don't delete the disc 1. Set it up all like this : External: // Games folder / Grand Theft Auto V / DVD1 AND DVD2 / (INSIDE) DVD1 there should be no content folder just the remaining files because the content folder goes in the content's location / (INSIDE) DVD2 Everything that there is already. This would work. Yes do name the discs DVD 1 AND DVD 2. And btw make sure you have the latest DASHLAUNCH too. I.e. 3.09...

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