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  1. I`ve solved my problem! I`ve bought a HD cable for my xbox 360 and suddenly there was sound! The resolutions looks not that good with this cable but I can finally play with the N64 emulator with sound!
  2. I`m using a regular HDMI Cable! I`ve already tried another HDMI cable and the problem still exits! Since I have sound on FSD and on all games I don`t think that it is the fault of the HDMI cable
  3. The Chosen

    Nulldc360 help

    Thats exactly the problem I actually have with nulldc 360! Any solutions for it? Here are my .elf files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o8x7jxq8x82hdkr/null_dc_elf_files.rar
  4. I have a XBOX 360 Fat with Falcon board - I think its a RGH box Mupen64 - V0.993 Beta NullDC 360 - GliGli Version (latest I think) XMplayer - Version 0.0.4
  5. Hi guys, I have no sound on any Xell apps i`m booting on my Xbox 360! All apps are booting and working properley, but I don`t have sound on them! It happens on: Mupen64 NullDC 360 XMplayer My actuall Xell version is: Xell Reloaded 0.993 git 7466 Today I`ve updated everything I can update on my Xbox 360: Avatar Update to: 2.0.17502.0 I`ve updated the nand with XeBuild 2.098 Nothing works! I have sound in the normal Dashboard, in FSD, on Aurora, in every game I play and every video I play with the original media player but there is no sound when I start an app with Xell Reloaded. In some forums people are writing that it could be a problem of the HDMI cable, saying that Xell doesn`t has an HDMI audio support but is this really true? I can`t belive it! What could be the problem? Do I have to update anything else to get sound on Xell Apps? Thread moved to Xell-Subforum ! Dr.Gonzo
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