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  1. 360 Content Manager contains FTP engine. Start alternativ Dashboard like Aurora on Your 360. Make sure that your console is connected via FTP to your laptop and move your stuff over FTP to the Install Path on your 360 (HDD).

    But can't i copy it directly on the hdd (in the same path as in the installation path field) without FTP ? 

  2. http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/free-data-recovery-software.htm try this one, i've used it in the past and got data back with original names... most filesystems are "lazy" in that they just mark the data as not allocated and the filetable may still contain the filename... try that, see if it works for you


    I recovered this with recuva, i think that is error free if 360 content manager recongnise this. How can i put it on my hdd , i have FSD btw.

  3. What tool did you use to recover the data? and did you recover it to another device? as long as you didn't write to the external device there's a good chance you can recover most if not all data...

    I used recuva, and i recovered it on my laptop HDD. But my problem is that i dont know how to put my data again on my hdd.


    With a recover of data is not ensured that all your Data are error free. The best solution is to set up your HD with all needed Data again.


    But let's suppose that i'm very lucky and my gamer profiles are error free how can i put them on my hdd ?

  5. I have an external hdd for storing saves , gamer profile, games and all i have on xbox because my internal hdd have only a 4GB. I recently moded my xbox(more exactly, yesterday) and i don't know all the things, so i made a stupid thing and deleted my content folder from my external hdd. I managed to recover all the data, but the problem is that the data isn't in the same format that it was. I tried to fix this by downloading 360 content manager and reorganize the files then copy the folder on the hdd, but it doesn't work. Can i repair what i did or at least recover my gamer profiles and my game saves ?

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